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The National Youth Physical Fitness Program encompasses students from kindergarten and elementary school through junior and senior high and college.  The Fitness Program is designed to accommodate ALL Students regardless of their physical capabilities.  

Youth organizations such as the Boys and Girls Club, the Young Marines of the Marine Corps League, the Boy Scouts, the Girl Scouts, high school JROTC units and many others are using this program to enhance the well-being of kids all across the country. It teaches students to respect their bodies and helps them build and maintain a personal resistance to drugs, alcohol and tobacco.

The program provides a mental, moral and physical challenge and establishes reachable goals. The fitness program also provides important recognition, which leads to pride in one’s self and is in many cases a building block for future self-improvement.

It is believed that personal fitness, coupled with a sense of self-sacrifice for the greater common good, can positively impact all aspects of our American quality way of life. By developing more alert and energetic students we in turn are taking the necessary steps in preparing our young citizens to take the reins and lead this great nation for many years in the future.

This program, which is recognized and endorsed by the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and personally endorsed by Arnold Schwarzenegger, is offered to every school and youth organization...free of charge.  Additionally, the Foundation works with high school band directors from across the country to recognize deserving young musicians through the Semper Fidelis Award for Musical Excellence certificates. This program sets standards and rewards those students who have demonstrated a commitment to musical excellence.

Despite its long and successful history, the Foundation hasn't reached its full potential.  There are more than 108,000 schools in this great country, and we've only been able to reach a handful of them.  The United States Marines Youth Foundation wants to expand its reach by increasing the number of schools and youth organizations participating in this program each year.  Additionally, the Foundation hopes to have high schools from every state in the country represented at the National Championships.  This competition is the only one of its kind...one that allows students to compete with other schools on the national level.

In order to reach this aggressive milestone, the United States Marines Youth Foundation, Inc. has developed a comprehensive marketing plan and has embarked on a corporate "Partner in Fitness" campaign to help put this plan into action.

The Foundation needs the backing of Corporate America in order to reach America's youth and to expand the National Youth Physical Fitness Program, the National High School Physical Fitness Program and the Semper Fidelis Award for Musical Excellence program into schools across the country

At the High School level, the organized athletic competition sponsored by the Youth Foundation gives many of the kids a chance to compete in a competitive sport for the first time.  Not every kid can participate in collegiate sports, and not every school can afford to fund additional sports programs.  The National Youth Physical Fitness Program and the National High School Physical Fitness Program offers a solution to both problems.  Additionally, corporate sponsorship offers an incentive for more schools to participate in the program by providing the much needed funding.

Over the years, funding for state, regional and national competition has been the responsibility of each team wanting to compete.  Coaches and students are spending about 95% of their time on fundraisers instead of training.  By funding state, regional and national events through the United  States Marines Youth Foundation, high school coaches will be able to redirect their fundraising efforts towards enhancing the overall fitness level of their students, while at the same time, preparing their teams for competition.


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